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Story   How foodbook started

  • 1

    Monotone diet
    Autumn 2013

    Akiko was surprised to see what Christian ate in a day: bread, chocolate spread, meat and five leaves of rucola ... all. Akiko wished Christian to stay healthy with balanced diet and enjoy food more.

  • 2

    Eating variety of foods
    Winter 2013

    Akiko suggeted Christian to count and see ingredients in a meal carefully, which was once promoted by Ministry of Welfare with the goal '30/day '. Christian was motivated to achieve higher number and became interested in food more.

  • 3

    Enjoying food together
    Early 2014

    After few weeks of practice, Christian started to talk more about food and enjoy cooking and visiting local markets. Akiko was also happy to explore seasonal and regional food together.

  • 4

    Making the experiene for all
    Spring 2014

    To make their experience for all, Akiko started developing & introducing foodbook while she worked for Black Forest Accelerator, an accelerator program forcusing on healthcare & fitness.

  • Funding
    DCF BW

    Funding from the Digital Content Fund BaWü
    June 2015

    We successfully applied for funding to work on the foodbook application and to travel to various places to gather valuable information about nutrition habits.


Full of idea, love to travel & explore local and seasonal taste!


Akiko Takahashi

Developer & enthusiastic cook.
from Tokyo, Japan


Christian W. Atz

Business developer
from Black Forest, Germany

After we met at a Couchsurfers' BBQ in Austria in 2011, we traveled around and launched projects/companies such as Mobile Garden and Black Forest Accelerator together.
Besides developing foodbook, we enjoy serving seasonal & local meals in events we host.